Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SOFTEC2010: Bridging the Gap (19 - 21 July 2010)

 SOFTEC2010 is an eye-opener for me. I've heard about Software Testing Conference (SOFTEC) since 2008, it's first year being held in Malaysia, but only this year I'm able to participate. For that, I'm very grateful with my company for sponsoring my ticket and MSTB for given me another ticket for FREE so that I can bring one of my team member to the conference.

There are 2 main objectives I've planned to achieve from SOFTEC2010:
1) Process Improvement
2) Testing Techniques

Yes, I'm happy to say that I did achieved both of the objectives and most importantly, being there, listened to the experts and participate in the workshops & tutorials were highly valuable experience that can't be gained just  by reading.

Among the speakers I liked most were Lee Copeland & Graham Bath, both sharing about TPI and TPI-Next, Rex Black on Risk-based Testing, Dave Miller on his experience in applying TDD in FedEx and Chris Rupp on Requirement Engineering.

I can't wait for SOFTEC2011.... and expecting more goodies to come.

MSTB has done great work in organizing Software Testing Conference 2010 (SOFTEC2010).

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