Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Being a Software Tester

I am passionate with my role as a tester in Software Development. Being a software tester require me to always think out of the box, be creative and patient.

My views of Quality - QA Software

My skill, knowledge and experience in Food Quality management is very useful in Software Testing and QA. The basic principle of Quality is applicable to all type of industry. The difference is mainly in the Risk Factors Management and Implementations. Food is a perishable goods, it risks is mainly on how to extend the shelf-life of the foods while still maintaining it's freshness, retaining it's nutrients and keeping it free from biological, chemical and microbiological contamination. On the other hand, Software industry has different type of risks depending on it's purpose of usage. The risk is focusing more on it's features, functionality and accuracy. The example of high risk software is the one being used in hospitals such as life-support machinery and dialysis machine.
In food manufacturing, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is one of the compulsory preventive approach to be implemented. Rex Black has shared a similar preventive approach to be implemented in software development, which is called Critical Testing Process.
Quality and process improvement in manufacturing is very easy to be implemented and improved, however, it is very difficult and challenging in software industry.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Learning Coded UI Test in Visual Studio 2010

I have researched on UI Automation feature that available in Visual Studio 2010 since last 3 weeks.
It was a very tough journey for me since it was my first experience of using Visual Studio and it's features.
My first approach was to have a complete environment of testing with VS2010. This means that I need to have Team Foundation Server (TFS) completes with Test Manager and VS2010 Ultimate. My first approach was to install them individually, which was very time consuming and challenging. Somehow I've stumbled on Brian Keller blogs in MSDN whereby he has uploaded Virtual PC with complete VS2010 environment. That's make my life much easier apart from the long hour and large volumes of downloaded vpc.
I've also downloaded many videos from YouTube on Coded UI Test and UI Automation testing. I've watched the videos hundreds of hours so that I can get a better picture on the tool. I've also practiced hands-on in the victual PC, trying to follow all the examples shown in the videos.
My big challenge in using Coded UI Test was in understanding it's framework and coding. A lots of guessing games here and there on the terms, the codes and it's features. Somehow, I've manage to get around and get my full understanding on the tool.
New feature called Coded UI Test Editor is only available for MSDN subscribers in Feature Pack 2. This editor is very useful in editing the generated XML file for Coded UI Test.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Improving Test Process based on TPI and TPI-Next

One of the topics presented in SOFTEC2010 is TPI and TPI-Next. TPI is stand for Test Process Improvement and TPI-Next is the evolution of the TPI. TPI-Next is also known as Business Driven Test Process Improvement (BDTPI) by some people as it is driven by business goal.

The model is looks at test process from different points of view, which are called Key Areas. Examination of each Key Area leads to classification of the test process into certain Levels of maturity. Checkpoints are assigned to each Level to ensure that the classification into levels is done objectively. Lastly, Improvement suggestions were added to the model for suggesting on how to achieve a certain level.

A better understanding of TPI model was achieved from attending the workshopduring SOFTEC2010. Lee Copeland has shared on TPI and Graham Bath shared on TPI-Next. Both of the trainers are very experienced and well-versed in applying TPI and TPI-Next with their clients worldwide.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SOFTEC2010: Bridging the Gap (19 - 21 July 2010)

 SOFTEC2010 is an eye-opener for me. I've heard about Software Testing Conference (SOFTEC) since 2008, it's first year being held in Malaysia, but only this year I'm able to participate. For that, I'm very grateful with my company for sponsoring my ticket and MSTB for given me another ticket for FREE so that I can bring one of my team member to the conference.

There are 2 main objectives I've planned to achieve from SOFTEC2010:
1) Process Improvement
2) Testing Techniques

Yes, I'm happy to say that I did achieved both of the objectives and most importantly, being there, listened to the experts and participate in the workshops & tutorials were highly valuable experience that can't be gained just  by reading.

Among the speakers I liked most were Lee Copeland & Graham Bath, both sharing about TPI and TPI-Next, Rex Black on Risk-based Testing, Dave Miller on his experience in applying TDD in FedEx and Chris Rupp on Requirement Engineering.

I can't wait for SOFTEC2011.... and expecting more goodies to come.

MSTB has done great work in organizing Software Testing Conference 2010 (SOFTEC2010).