Saturday, July 24, 2010

Improving Test Process based on TPI and TPI-Next

One of the topics presented in SOFTEC2010 is TPI and TPI-Next. TPI is stand for Test Process Improvement and TPI-Next is the evolution of the TPI. TPI-Next is also known as Business Driven Test Process Improvement (BDTPI) by some people as it is driven by business goal.

The model is looks at test process from different points of view, which are called Key Areas. Examination of each Key Area leads to classification of the test process into certain Levels of maturity. Checkpoints are assigned to each Level to ensure that the classification into levels is done objectively. Lastly, Improvement suggestions were added to the model for suggesting on how to achieve a certain level.

A better understanding of TPI model was achieved from attending the workshopduring SOFTEC2010. Lee Copeland has shared on TPI and Graham Bath shared on TPI-Next. Both of the trainers are very experienced and well-versed in applying TPI and TPI-Next with their clients worldwide.

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