Thursday, October 30, 2008

FREE Hosting Solution with Rich Niche Websites

I came accross this website when I was browsing about Software testing. The owner is still in final beta stage so they offer VERY VERY CHEAP price for public to try that is only $0.01 for every 30 days. In return, they get the feedback from a big group of users. Sounds impossible rite? Well, if you don't believe me just Click Here to view the offer, then you judge yourself.
This are the goods offered by them:
- Hosting solution to help users make content rich niche websites.
- Automatic updating with new content makes google happy = free traffic = free customers.
- Control advertising to profit from their passions.
- Create passive income by gathering useful information.
- Easy interface with no technical background needed.
- Loaded with affiliate products ready to plug in to their web site.
- Hosting of users own domains.
- Low cost management, affiliate, design and hosting solution – all in one.
- Imagine a user having 20-30 niche sites generating on average a $5 profit per day. This gives the user a nice addition to their regular income. All automated after it has been setup.
Wanna know more please go to here: $0.01 Website
(Note: By the way, the offer is only for October 2008. After that it's chargeable which Standard $17/month)